Singapore FinTech Festival

11- 13 November, 2019

Last week, NUS Fintech Society had the privilege of being chosen as one of the leading student organizations to be showcased at the Talent Pavilion Booth during the Singapore FinTech Festival. This was part of the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) initiative to propagate interest for Fintech in Students.


Over the 3 days, we got the opportunity to showcase some of the projects our research departments – Blockchain and Machine Learning, have been working on. Asides from that, we also shared about the upcoming events we have planned for the academic year ahead.


The festival was a great opportunity for us to find out what’s up and coming in the Fintech industry and how our society can contribute meaningfully. Looking forward to SFF 2020!

Revolut Talk

8 November, 2019

On 8th November, members of our Society got to hear from Mr. Sarveen Chester(International Expansion, Revolut) and his team. He shared about his company, Revolut and talked about how they operate. Revolut started as a travel card by the founders and then went on to include many other functionalities to simplify banking services for their customers. Their app is a one-stop platform for a wide range of financial services.  They managed to stay successful by always innovating features at a rate faster than their local competitors.  Moreover, they took efforts to improve their competitive advantage in every region of operations by always understanding the local scene for expansionary purposes. Mr. Chester also shared that their company’s Fraud Data Analytics is built upon rules-based approaches and Machine Learning Models. Their top priority is to ensure that their company complies with the rules and regulations set by the local regulators. At Revolut, they always run a cost-benefit analysis before spending their investors’ money. They also tend to let their product speak for itself as opposed to marketing it aggressively.

"What I found the most interesting was the first point, because Revolut has gone way beyond what is expected of a payments application to include many other functionalities and become a super app. I thought it would be similar to paylah but it's almost like a bank. Primarily payments, but also good exchange rate and very low costs to customer."

 - Nicklaus Ong, Co-President

Terra Weather Workshop

20 October, 2019

Terra Weather in 2007 was founded by Mr. Arnold Doray to provide reliable, site-specific weather forecasts and risk assessment tools for offshore installations. Over a 3 day workshop,, Mr. Doray shared his programming expertise with our the members of our society. 

I’m the Best Coder! Challenge 2019 

20 October, 2019

As one of the partners of the event, NUS FinTech Society attended one of the largest data analytics challenge in Singapore organized by Shopee. I'm the Best Coder! Challenge was a one-day data analytics competition where coders and programmers alike collaborate to analyse complex problem statements and examine real datasets to solve real industry problems. 


The organiser of the coding challenge, Shopee, is the leading e-commerce in Southeast Asia and Taiwan with the aim of helping local talent cultivate their data analytical skills. We are proud to be one of the main student partners of the event and hope to continue collaborating on events that help promote learning of coding skills!

"The data analytics challenge tested us on our ability to handle and process large datasets. It presented us with the problems that are currently faced in data analytics, specifically the difficulty of cleaning, processing and gaining meaningful insights from large amounts of data generated. Through this experience, I was able to better understand the importance of data analytical skills in assisting companies to solve real industry problems" - Darius Oh, Year 1 Business Analytics

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