Machine Learning


Explore beyond our school syllabus and expose our members to working with real and complex datasets


To foster a community of data-savvy members who are comfortable with wrangling and deriving insights from data

  1. Full end-to-end project from data extraction to data analysis to prediction

  2. Interactive Dashboard

Sentiment Analysis on Financial News

  1. Conditional Generative Adversarial Network (C-GAN) model

  2. ML time-series Models (LSTM, Prophet)

Predicting Distribution of Stock Returns

  1. Stock trading with sentiment analysis

  2. Interactive chatbots

  3. Fraudulent credit card transactions

Hands-on Data Science Courses

Our Projects:

Terra Weather Workshop

3 Day Workshop on Predictive Neural Network

Our members got to explore the fundamentals of Neural Networks (NNs) for forecasting. Through this course, they managed to obtain hand-in-hand using NNs to generate predictions. The goal of this course was to get them started using NNs for forecasting. 

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