Blockchain Technology


Equip our members with practical knowledge of Blockchain technology


To nurture a community of blockchain enthusiasts, where members can learn and grow

  1. Flaws of fundamental

  2. Advantages of certain indicators

  3. Alternative methods of trading

Cryptocurrency Investment Framework

  1. Seafood - illegal and unethical fishing

  2. Diamond - countering the problem of blood diamonds

Blockchain for supply chain operations

  1. Targeted at resolving inefficiencies in the car-rental industry

  2. Score for verification of validity of user

Automotive Industry Smart Contracts

Our Projects:

Intro to Zcash

An Evening with the Founders of Zcash in Singapore

Fintech Society had been invited to an event organized by Zcash on March 28th, 2019. This was for individuals already working on high quality blockchain projects. Members got to interact with Zooko Wilcox, the CEO & Founder of Zcash and Josh Swihart, VP of Marketing and Business Development of Zcash

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